Monday, December 19, 2011

It's football mayhem in Denver...

I love watching professional football and during the last seven weeks here in the Denver area, it has been complete mayhem.  Most people who follow football know immediately what I'm talking about and, funny because of the amount of news coverage this poor quarterback has been receiving, so will the other folks.  I'm referring to the story about Tim Tebow.

I hate hooking onto a topic that's been entirely overplayed but I will due to the strangeness of this phenomenon.

Here's this good looking, young kid who's had an amazing streak of good luck in the final few minutes of the games.  I have to say, as a football watcher and a fan for the team Tebow is on, he's made my watching the sport totally entertaining.  I might add, it's not all luck.  He has some raw ability and the determination to set the guys around him on fire.  In a few years, he will be absolutely amazing.  I'm glad he's on our team.

Now, let's get to the weird stuff.

He gives praise to his Lord.  Ok, so what?  So do a lot of other players.  If he hadn't had this crazy streak of wild wins he wouldn't have been all over the news.  He hasn't asked to have every pastor in the land to wear his number 15 jersey during Sunday services.  Why jump all over his ass?  Let's give the kid a break.  I've even heard some of my friends make fun of him.  He's just a guy playing football.  Why is everybody talking about it like he's making it some sort of personal attack against them?

Jesus Freaks.  Lighten up, people!  I love the Lord too, but my goodness I don't wear my faith on my sleeve and I certainly don't wear it on the back of my jersey.  What's with that?  God has no control over who wins a football game.  I'm guessin' he has a few more important things to do up there, for hunger, a billion or two prayers, I don't know...just thinkin'...  Wow.  Football?  Really?  Tebow seems like a sweet kid and I'm sure the Lord appreciates this thankin' business but seriously, I don't think he has a lot to do with Willis McGahee running the ball in for a touch down.  That's just skill.

So, everybody just needs to settle down.  Tebow lovers, love away but love him because he's a nice kid who's fun to watch, loves the game, and doesn't drop the F-bomb on national television.  Tebow haters.  Hate him because he ruins your team's chances to get into the playoffs - not because he mentions the Lord's name on post game interviews.  That's just dumb.  

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