Friday, December 23, 2011

Time to get organized...uh oh!

This is the time of year when my husband always has us promise one another "no gifts" for Christmas and yet every season he's the first one to wrap something and hide it under the tree. 

He makes me laugh.  This promise is usually made because we're broke by the holiday.  Christmas is for the kids so we try our best not to add to our financial woes.  Obviously, he always fails miserably. 

This season, he's determined to get me organized and away from my paper scheduler.  Without having opened my gift yet, I'm certain it's an electronic organizer.  For the past ten years or so, I've been toting around a large leather satchel which contains a month-to-month calendar, notes section, phone book, assorted areas for business cards, and other miscellaneous important paperwork.  It drives my poor husband crazy because I take care of the family day-to-day planning.  I consider this scheduler my life line, the one thing that keeps my days somewhat organized; however, for the "average Joe", the husband who's attached to the gal who totes this monstrosity around, there's no rhyme or reason to anything inside of it.  I'm the only human being who can make sense of the silliness within its pages.

If I need a number of a friend who's last name ends with the letter "T" but they live within our neighborhood, the information can be found under a tab labeled, "friends and neighbors", somewhere in the front of the book.  School information is not listed under the school name but instead under a specific tab.  This just saves me time.  Pet Groomers are listed under, "D" for "Dogs" - or is it, "V" for "Vet"?  I can't remember.  Sometimes I just have to search around a bit.

And, my scheduling...I must admit, I have missed an appointment or two.  I have a tendency to write down an appointment time with nothing else next to it, no name, no information, just a very intricate circle doodle.  If I'm having a good telephone moment, I'll write a W, A, B, or E, and place a circle around it indicating whose appointment it is.  This always impresses me.  Sometimes I'll write the information in the margins of the calendar but invariably, I'll take another phone call and I'll doodle over it.  Damn, I hate it when I do that.

Maybe this electronic scheduling isn't such a bad idea.  But what will I do with all of my scraps of paper?  My directions?  My doctor's notes?  My bits and pieces??  Good grief, I'm already a nervous wreck just thinking about it.  Perhaps he didn't buy me an electronic scheduler after all?  Maybe he purchased me a paper phone book refill?  I could really use a new one of those.  I've doodled over quite a few of the numbers.  I need to re-write them...those that I can read anyway.

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