Monday, December 12, 2011

Tulip! Really?! It's 3:00am!!

Tulip (Tootie), Shih Tzu
My dog, Tulip has a love for all toys that squeak.  When we first discovered this fetish, my family thought it was hysterical, sweet...endearing.  Not so much anymore.  

You see, our Shih Tzu has no concept for time or appropriateness.  If she sees her green, squeaky ball at 3:00am on a Tuesday and the mood suits her, Eric and I will be blasted awake by the high pitched squeal and chomping of her toy.  Yes, we have attempted to remove all noisy play things before the lights go out but invariably she finds a way to hide something beneath the bed or between the chest and mattress towards the end of our feet.

Bad timing not only occurs when we're sound asleep, but also, for instance, when we're having a lovely dinner party.  It's as if she knows exactly when to bite down on a horrifying toy and scare the living breath out of a guest - normally mid-bite precisely when the Heimlich maneuver would be necessary.  

Tank, Lhasa Apso
One would think we would stop purchasing these ridiculous toys for her.  Not so. I'm the one who goes shopping and tends to bring home new treats every time I walk in from the grocery store.  I swear I have more doggie toys on the tile than dust bunnies and that's primarily because the dogs inhale them when they suck up their play things.  I can't help myself.  The look on their faces, in particular Tulip's, when she discovers the new and distinctive sound of a toy's squeak - I can't describe the joy it gives me.  

I do feel badly for her though.  It's not her fault, this obsession.  The family will be absorbed in an intense movie, Tootie (her nickname) will sit down for a good toy chomp, and the next thing she knows she'll have four of her favorite people snapping at her to knock it off.  Then, as if that isn't bad enough, someone will throw the ball and her arch nemesis, Tank - the Lhasa Apso - will chase it and not give it back to her.  Sad Tulip.  All she wanted to do was kill the squeaky thing.  Poor itty girlie.  Someone needs to give her a treat...

I love animals.  I love my dogs.  Is it obvious?  Good grief.   

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