Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bri's First Annual New Year's Anti-Resolution List

I'm getting it in right under the first annual New Year's Anti-Resolution Top 10 List of 2012.  Whew!  Sorry for the delay.  Last night's party was a little rough and I'm still feeling a bit green around the edges; however, this leads nicely into this year's first anti-resolution...
  1. Never mix grape soda and vodka ever again.  It tastes great but has a nasty delayed reaction the next day.
  2. Never eat an extra large bag of Sour Patch Kids candy in one sitting.  I couldn't taste real food for three days.
  3. Don't heat a cup of milk past two minutes and always determine that the cup is microwave safe.
    Sour Patch Kids Candy
  4. Don't run out of dog treats when making love as I have two particularly curious dogs.
  5. When taking a bath, don't forget to close the shutters.
  6. I will never drop the f-bomb at my 16 year old again.  It's a no win situation.
  7. Never believe a fertility test to tell me that I'm pregnant.
  8. A crazy lady should never stop taking crazy meds because she feels like she's going crazy.
  9. Never have a conversation when my small dog is within reach of my open mouth.
  10. Don't give my genius 13 year old son anything with batteries ever again.  I value my home far too much.
Have a wonderful start to the new year everyone!  God Bless...



Margaret said...

Scary that I can actually relate to some of these! Especially the vodka thing.... and the Sour Patch candy....
Happy New Year my friend!

Pat said...

Leave the shutters open! If the neighbors don't lin the view, they don't have to peek. :P

Pat said...

lin = like (I iz typing challenged)