Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Give the lovely lady a break.

Give Paula a break!  Yes, I'm talking Paula Deen.  This lovely lady was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes the other day and every health food junky and news channel in the world came out and said, "We told you so", in a nasty, spiteful way.  Ok, I give making a cheeseburger on a Krispy Kreme doughnut almost made this cholesterol happy heart choke, but my goodness, the woman laughs, lives, and celebrates her life. 

She's right when she stated that food is not the only factor in causing diabetes; however, knowing what we know today, it does play a huge role.  Eating a diet high in fat and cholesterol could have made a huge impact in her diagnoses but I don't know Ms. Deen.  I'm not her doctor.  I don't have access to her medical records.  At one time in my life I weighed close to 347 pounds and the only thing wrong with me was that I had elevated blood pressure and I couldn't squeeze my fat ass into a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Personally, I find these negative, nasty folks ass holes.  Back off.  Give this sweet lady some time to absorb this new challenge in her life.

I've always found myself surrounded by people who say, "I can't".  110 pound twiggy girls who look longingly at a cookie and say, "Oh no, I have to go to the gym this afternoon."  People with convertibles who will never let the roof down for fear their hair will get disheveled.  Friends who've never kicked off their shoes or - Hell, ran into the sea with their shoes on for that matter - jumping the waves and screaming for joy.  

Life.  Passion.  Brownies for Breakfast.  Real Butter.  Paula's Butter.  Ok, so she's been diagnosed with diabetes?  So what?  I bet you a half cup of butter, no - two sticks of butter - that this won't slow her down a bit.  We'll hear her beautiful laughter ringing through the lowlands of Savannah before you can shake a mixing spoon at her brother, Bubba.  Why?  Because that's just who she is.  A woman who lives life to its fullest; a lady who celebrates it.  Go, Paula, go.  My shoes are on.  I'm ready to jump into the waves when you are.

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