Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Purgatory is in Thornton

I believe every one's Purgatory is different.  Being raised as a cradle Catholic and as a practicing witness to the faith, I still feel strongly that this is a viable option when we "kick the bucket", so to speak.  Even just recently, I've had intense dreams where I've visited with relatives, some of whom I've barely known, waiting in their own personal waiting places to see the Lord.  It's all pretty nifty and of course, controversial as I type about it, but it is what it is.  I'm not willing to go into great depths to describe my experience.  Let's just say, I've shared the stories with my mom and she and I have both been pretty amazed at the level of detail I've experienced.  For this sailor mouthed, obnoxious chick to be given what we think I was given, well...what an incredible gift.  It gives me a profound sense of peace.

HOWEVER, I also feel there must be another type of Purgatory - one here on Earth and it is located in Thornton, Colorado - in the Potts' family abode. 

I never intended to be a half-empty kind o' gal, really.  I haven't always been this way.  There was a time in my life when I would wake up smiling, ready to face the day, prepared to meet the challenges ahead of me, and excited to do battle with whatever presented itself.  Now, I want to hide.  I'm worn out.  My body is pooped, exhausted.  My mind is thoroughly kaput. 

Last night was the latest onslaught of corroded batteries and burned copper wires found in Austynn's bedroom.  Eric and I just re-attached his bedroom door after his last 6 month trust problem from the burning carpet issue.  This past Christmas, my husband and I suffered multiple complaints from our son about how sad his holiday had been because he received no electronic toys.  He almost had me feeling guilty.  Almost is the key word here.
Now we have to find the money to place a dead bolt our closet door.  Lovely.  Perhaps with our personal safety concerns here in Thornton, God will show us some mercy and allow us to skip the whole after life Purgatory thing and give us a free pass right to Heaven??  ...Kind of like a Get Out of Jail Free Card.


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