Thursday, January 12, 2012

Something amazing placed us here.

Prayer.  It's a powerful thing.  It doesn't matter what faith you believe in, heck - no faith is necessary for prayer.  Then how, do you my friends and loyal blog readers ask, does one pray and to whom does it get directed?  Now, this is the complicated whomever or wherever the wind decides to blow your thoughts or your mind directs it to go.

You see, it's all in one's perspective.  I believe we pray in one form or another everyday; the believers and the non-believers.  If more people stopped and meditated on this idea, we'd have less war and more corner play grounds.  Uh oh!  Tree Hugger..TREE HUGGER!!!  Don't worry, I'm not a card carrying flower child; however, there's something to be said for that lovely generation of people who chanted, "Make love, not war."  

Yes, I hate violence of any sort.  When my voice rises above a normal level and I hear myself yelling at my boys, I wonder who the heck allowed the screaming maniac into my house?  When my ex-husband and I used to fight, it made me sick to my stomach.  That's not the person I wanted to be.  That woman was not the Bri he married.  Instead of hurling crystal vases, I should have listened to what my inner voice was saying.  I should have stopped and prayed.  I would have left him sooner.  We both would have been happier.

Prayer.  I go to a Catholic Adoration Chapel for an hour twice a week not because I have to but because I want to.  I sit quietly before the Holy Eucharist (this is where Catholics believe that Jesus is present and displayed in a special holder called a monstrance) and meditate.  Some people, who are not Catholic, would find this silly.  That's fine. It's not their business to judge how or what I choose to place my faith in. The chapel is quiet and peaceful.  My prayers come pouring out of me like cool rain from a summer thunder storm.  Everyone has their own place.  If they're not religious, their prayers may rally around them while they're driving, sitting in the sunshine, or playing with their animals.  Funny how prayer works.  Some people don't know when they're doing it or would deny it to be prayer.  How could it not be when their thoughts are concerns about a family member, admiration for the sunset, or joy for an animal? 

I truly believe that it's the moments when we're most at peace that connect us spiritually even across the threads of time; the people who came before us and those who'll follow in our footsteps.  We're never really gone, are we?  Something amazing placed us here, pushed a big button, and said, "you all have a common thread of oneness about you".  Let's blow that out into the wind and see where it lands.

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