Friday, January 6, 2012

What to do? What to do?

I'm free, I'm free!!  How does this happen?  What a rare event this is when I look upon my schedule and see not a blessed appointment.  Let's write it down, shall we?  NO!  Let's leave it blank.  It looks so pretty, so clean, so fresh.

By the way, for those of you, my friends and blog readers, who follow my daily ramblings on a consistent basis, you'll be sad to know (but most likely not surprised) that my E-reader/scheduler Christmas gift has already gone kaput.  Yes, it's broken.  It took just one day in my purse for it to say, "Bri, you're a maniac and I can no longer survive your hectic lifestyle."

I was honestly quite distraught over the entire situation.  I had spent the evening before setting all of my January dates and appointments into it.  Of course, my poor husband, Eric spent his entire Christmas day loading it with my personal information.  So my two hours was nothing compared to his seriously stiff neck.  My opinion is that if the manufacturers can't make these silly things sturdy enough to withstand a few bumps in my purse, than they're worthless to begin with.  I was aware it was in my bag and was extremely careful not to whack my kids as hard as I usually do.  Oh well, such is life.  Back to my free day..

My first thought, I can finally scrub the toilets!  But then I said to myself, "Bri, what drug is still in my system from last night?  Seriously?  Is that the best I could do with 8 hours of no chattering children and a husband not begging for unsolicited snuggle time.  Heck no!  A movie perhaps?  Shoot, no money.  I went grocery shopping yesterday.  Friends over for lunch?  I would have to prepare a meal.  Sit outside in the sunshine?  It's overcast.  Darn it!  What to do...?  What to do...?"

I guess I might as well get the cleaning bucket out and be somewhat productive today.  Maybe I should fold and put away the laundry on my dining room table..??  Naw, I think I'll take a nap instead. 

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