Monday, February 13, 2012

And Bri's alter ego for today will be...

Everyone wishes they could be like some one else from time to time or if not, feel that they can relate to that person or character.  I know I have as both a child and as an adult; however, during a recent poker game, Pepsi almost sprayed out of my nose when one of Eric's co-worker's touched off an amazing thought provoking comment without warning.

Growing up - and admittedly still today - I'm a huge Peanuts cartoon fan.  Whenever the jazzy theme music announces the arrival of Charlie Brown and his gang for an animated television special, everything save for a death in the family stops the Potts' house dead in it's tracks (pardon the pun).  Chicken is stopped mid fry, toothpaste is left dribbling from the chin, and all other activity ceases immediately.  It's Breezy time.

Of course, my favorite character is Snoopy, the beagle.  I had several of these stuffed animals growing up.  I practiced my kissing techniques on one of them...poor feller (might I add, he smelled horrific by the time I moved on to the real thing).  The personality I most identify with is Peppermint Patty.  Patty is the tomboy or now how she was suddenly and most irreverently brought to my attention at the poker game as, the "token lesbian".

Peppermint Patty
Again, I can not construe enough how immensely dense I can be.  I'd never considered this before so when this was suggested while I was bluffing a pair of threes over my opponents full house, it was all I could do to keep the half gulp of soda from spraying my husband's employer beside me.  We need that possible 25 cent raise in the fall.  I held the carbonation back amazingly well; however, I still lost the bluff.  It may have had something to do with my eyes popping half way out of my head.  I can't be certain.

Did Mr. Schulz have this in mind when he created his characters?  One may never know BUT, I found the remark very intriguing.  Yes, I was a tomboy growing up.  Yes, I always wanted to wear funky, open toe sandals versus silly girlie shoes.  Do I call my husband "Chuck" as a term of endearment when we're talking (I'm laughing as I write this)?  Yes, all the darn time.  I hate fussing with my hair - which,  might I add, is now conveniently red.   At one time,  I used Peppermint Patty as my profile picture on Facebook.  Here's the final question; how does being a tomboy qualify someone's sexuality?

Well Chuck, I've given this matter some serious thought and I've concluded two things:

1:  This tomboy made love twice to her husband yesterday.  I've never had sex with a woman; however, it doesn't sound like a bad idea - I just prefer men.

2:  Why would a bunch of grown ups sitting around playing poker even care?  



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