Sunday, February 5, 2012

Are we ready for some football?!

Super Bowl Sunday.  Are there three words which strike a more interesting and varied note throughout homes across America today?  I think not.

For many of us, it's the game itself; a day which has culminated over seventeen weeks of our favorite football teams across the country meeting head to head to determine this year's champion between the NFC and AFC rivals. 

For others, it's a chance to socialize; enjoy a cold beer, partake in some playful trash-talking, and maybe win a couple of bucks in the office pool.

Oh, and of course, there's the food.  We Americans must always have an excuse to eat and this is the day when all reasonable dietary precautions are thrown out towards to the Polo crowd.  Any true football tailgatin', All-American, red-white-and-blue wearin', Super Bowl XLVIn' (that was tough to type) person will tell you that if some one so much as whispers tofu or smoked salmon spread they're out the door on their skinny fanny.  I don't know about you my dear ones, but bring me a bag of Fritos with some home made onion dip and I'm in Football Heaven.

Now, because I'm a world class whiner, I must get this in.  If you're not a fan of the sport and you attend the game solely to gab and eat I beg you, let the watchers watch.  For example, if you see a friend obviously intent on the game, do not stick a chicken wing in her face and ask her if she thinks it's too spicy for you.  At that precise moment, trust me when I say this, she probably hopes it was dunked in Cayenne pepper and you choke violently on it; however, since you're friends, she'll most likely attend your funeral and perhaps bring some lovely roses (that's if she didn't miss an interception with your stupid foodie question).

All rightie then.  TV is in working order.  The recliners are comfy and the beer is in the refrigerator.  Before the game highlights start, I will go pee several times so I don't miss any of the silly million dollar commercials geared specifically for my viewing pleasure.  Fritos are within onion dip reach.  My children are delightfully distracted.  Ahh, Super Bowl Sunday!  Three words which invoke such bliss within the Potts' family household.

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