Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The metaphorical coin was tossed.

I went to sleep with this phrase repeating itself over and over again in my mind, "Sometimes you need to be willing to see the other side of the coin."  What does it mean?  At the time I was fairly certain I knew the answer; however, I was recovering from an amazing evening of sleazy lounge hopping down Colfax Avenue.

When my birthday rolls around, I make a concerted effort to stretch out the celebration as long as possible and why not?  One day isn't enough - in my opinion - to honor the gift of life.  I believe it should be celebrated on a grand scale every day but I don't have enough Tylenol nor does Eric have the patience for this amount of excess. So, instead - I do my best to enjoy the week to its fullest and tone the rest of the 358 days down a bit. 

With this said, I wanted to investigate a local club for an "open mike" amateur comedy night.  Believe it or not, this lady is going to swallow a shot of Tequila and self-depreciation and attempt stand-up comedy.  I consider it sort of like skydiving but without the plane, pilot, or parachute. (Yes, holy crap - make it a double!).  Eric, my dear husband and business manager extraordinaire, was supposed to go with me last evening but the boys were suffering from what is commonly known as, "Tuesday Night Meltdown";  "William's an asshole!" and "I'm going to murder him!", etc.  These types of comments don't make us comfortable leaving the boys home together so needless to say, Eric decided to hide the kitchen utensils, referee, and let me go with a friend instead.

The show didn't start until midnight.  What's that all about?  Don't people work in the morning?  Even as I type this, clutching my water bottle, and blessing the makers of aspirin - it's well after 8:00am.  Granted, I'm not in my 20's or 30's but seriously folks, I do remember being that age once and had a heck of a time even then rollin' my ass out of bed for a 6:00am wake-up call.  Either way, it didn't matter.  My friend and I took one step into this lounge and determined that if I were going to be pelted by tomatoes, it would not be at this particular dive.  Have I become self-confident over the years?  You betcha'.  But the prospect of being heckled by toothless, grizzled, biker drunks, well - my self-esteem can only endure so much.

I'm amazed at how many funky, lounges there are in this part of Denver.  I suppose, being "amazed" is sort of stupid thing to write.  As a housewife from the suburbs, I'm not out normally looking for dives on a Tuesday night in an urban corridor of the city.  Sure, there were a lot of them so we decided not to end our evening early and walked to the closest that had live music and interesting lights.

Now this is where I finally get to understanding my bedtime mantra.  By the time my friend and I wound up in our last location, we were lost to the craziness of the night; the shear unexpectedness of it.  This is when life grabbed me and reminded me to look, savor, and be open to everything.  I was reminded that I'm not a stereotype and neither was the tattooed bouncer at the door or the cool looking lady sitting next to us at the bar.  My friend and I started up a conversation with her and the bartender.  Eventually the bouncer joined in.  We all started laughing.  The metaphorical coin was tossed up into the sky.

The lady's name is Gigi.  Her arms are covered in tattoos and she has beautiful brown eyes.  She's heavy set with shoulder length brown hair.  She started talking about her husband, the bouncer, and what they do for a living.  She works at a burlesque show in downtown on Monday nights.  The coin was flipping mid-air.  She offered to buy us a round of shots.  Three Firebombs; powerful shots of cinnamon whiskey.  We laughed some more.  I told her she was fantastic and I meant it.  The coin landed and I looked at the other side of it.  It was amazing.  I gave her my name and asked her to find me on Facebook.  I'd love to be her friend.  I kissed her, said good-bye, and told her that I believed we would be very best of friends in the future.

It's awesome when you're willing to see what's on the other side of the coin.  So until the next one is tossed, I will continue drinking excessive amounts of water and clutching my Tylenol bottle. C'est la vie and how wonderful it is!      


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