Thursday, February 23, 2012

A promise to my friends and family.

I need to get my "A" game on.  For too long it's been about me.  I need to listen better.  I need to hear the lyrics, read the words, and follow the invisible ones between the lines.

I need to stop focusing on the tiny creases around my eyes and look deeper into the eyes of others.  Souls are exposed, hurts are bleeding, and old scars are reappearing; however, I'll never be able to fight them off for those I love if I'm preoccupied with my own silly vanity.

I should stop bringing so much attention to myself; stop drawing in the crowds and laughter when someone beside me would prefer to shield themselves under the safety of my wing.

I need to keep my promises.  When I say I'll do something, then dammit - I need to do it because when I don't, whatever my excuse - it's hurtful.  No one deserves this, no one.

I should be more accessible.  My cell phone should always be charged and beside me.  If someone needs me - desperately needs me, then whatever it takes - I'll be there for them.

And finally, I need to stop taking the people I love for granted.  I must tell them often and repeatedly how blessed I am to have them in my life. 

When I love, I love deeply.  I don't stop loving someone simply because I'm told I should.  My love doesn't end with a divorce, a devastating break of a friendship, or a death.  Yes, I may be hurt and that love gets placed on a shelf but with time, it's removed, remembered, and recovered.  I'm passionate about my family and friends.  Once they enter my life, they're a permanent fixture. 

So this blog is my promise to these friends and family.  I realize that I'm simply one person but I have a big heart and it seems to expand with age and the continuous flow of new friends who enter my life. I'll do everything in my power to keep you safe and remind you on a daily basis that I'm here for you if you need me ~ this lady is very much in love with you.  Bri


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