Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day has come and gone...

Valentine's Day.  What a funny holiday, well - I find it comical anyway.  Really, depending on how you look at it, you can either lock yourself away like a hermit and refuse to acknowledge the silliness of it, buy into the marketing mayhem and drop a fortune on flowers, chocolate, and/or a meal which would cost you a fraction of what you would normally spend, or jump on board with the growing number of "anti-Valentine" party goers and celebrate being single.

My husband made a wonderful point this morning as he was sitting beside me tapping away at his laptop. He simply said, "It shouldn't be one day a year."  Actually, I lie when I imply that he made a simple statement.  My dear man never makes a "simple statement"; however, having been married to him for nearly eighteen years and knowing him since we were kids, I can easily interpret his comments into basic, easy to read sentences (He just called me an "ass".  This is foreplay.  We'll enjoy crazy love making once I finish writing this blog.).

I realize that I'm in a relationship which many couples envy.  I believe this stems from the fact that Eric happens to be my very best friend.  We've had periods when our love life has struggled.  We could be like other folks and fudge our way through it; choosing not to touch on the tough issues, skim over hard stuff, or patch things up with bandages.  These solutions don't work.  They come back to haunt marriages.  We've addressed the heartaches.  We've cried.  We've talked about things which would tear most couples apart and by doing so, we're stronger for it.  Our souls are intertwined by love, trust, and a mutual respect which has been forged by years of friendship and devotion. 

My dear one, my silly guy, my wonderful man is right.  Yesterday wasn't just Valentine's Day.  June 4th was also Valentine's Day.  We hung out in the back yard and watched Austynn play in his pool.  Eric BBQ'd some chicken and we sat quietly in in our patio listening to the crickets sing in the late Spring evening.  October 19th was Valentine's Day.  It was the night before my trip to California and my husband held me tight against him until I fell asleep.  I never felt more loved.  January 5th was Valentine's Day.   Eric and I sat watching TV attempting to ignore our children yelling at each other in the Family Room.  We sat holding hands, rolling our eyes, and cursing just loud enough for each other to hear.  Every few seconds, when a new battle erupted downstairs and one of us uttered a new and impressive string of four-letter complaints, our laughter would match the volume of the fighting below.

So Eric's wonderful, convoluted point is correct.  Yesterday, Valentine's Day, has come and gone but today is another day.  My blog is finished.  My husband is adorable.  He's busy working and I can't keep my hands off of him.  I think he needs to take a quick break so his wife can wish him a very special Happy Valentine's Day...again. 


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