Friday, February 17, 2012

Where's the straight jacket? I couldn't find it if I needed it.

I don't know what's wrong with me lately but I'm losing everything and it's driving me absolutely crazy.  I know that I wrote a blog about my lost house keys recently but now I'm actually getting a little concerned for my mental health state.

Not more than ten minutes ago I found some important paperwork which has eluded me all week.  Now, mind you - my dear friends and blog readers - my home is not a complete disaster.  Sure, it has it's days of messiness and I will even go so far as calling it "dirty" from time to time; however, I consider myself to be somewhat organized.  I have folders.  I have neatly organized "get-to" piles.  I don't hang on to bits and pieces.  Everything eventually gets looked through, shredded, and filed away appropriately (sort of).  

I repeat, ten minutes ago I had this important piece of paper in my hand ready to work on.  I was going to transfer the information into my computer.  D'oh!!!  Where did I put it?  How did I misplace it from the bedroom to the study?  It was in my fingertips!  I even shouted, "Eureka!" (Yes, I admit to saying stupid, foolish quips and dancing little jigs when happy about things.).  Did I throw it away?  

I have a terrible habit of multi-tasking my multi-tasking.  In other words, I confuse my projects.  I pick up ten things and prepare to walk past eight drop-off locations.  This would conceivably scramble the most clear-minded individual.  Add the fact that my Lhasa Apso has been humping my Shih Tzu non-stop and I've been blasting Green Day on the stereo, well - my concentration has been a wee bit off this morning.  Damn, where is that paperwork?


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