Friday, March 30, 2012

It's time for me to give something back.

As I do every morning, I scan the Internet news headlines, check e-mail, and catch up from overnight Facebook and Google+ comments.  Most days, I have a blog ready to go in my mind; a silly thought, a rant, or a memory to write about.  Today, a startling picture from the Middle East caught my attention.  It wasn't something that I particularly wanted to see while drinking my coffee.  I suppose that's what it was intended for, shock value.  My blog, in its own right, can sometimes be shocking in a somewhat bawdy, inappropriate sense; however, this picture would not be something you'd come to expect from me first thing in the morning.  For this reason and because it's political,  I won't detail or attach a link to the picture.  I will say that the photograph has seared my memory the same way pictures of Nazi concentration camp victims left indelible marks on my mind. 

There are such ugly things going on in the world which I, like many people, tend to shut my eyes to.  I live in my little suburbia and cry, "woe is me" every time there's a snag in my day.  Darn it, the dog pee'd on the carpet again!  I have a flat tire!  I'm running late for an appointment.  Austynn is having another temper tantrum.  William failed Math again.  Whoa, Nellie!

In the grand scheme of things, seriously?  I have a home.  I'm not living in a tent like the people under the bridges downtown.  A flat tire?  I have a car.  My friend, Angel, struggles everyday with two babies on the metro.  She barely arrives to work on time after getting the kids to daycare; however, she rarely complains.  I'm always running late.  Who's fault is that?  And Austynn, at least he isn't kicking or biting us anymore - and, by the way - he had a lot to be angry about.  His temper tantrums are much less violent since the adoption.  Finally, William will survive.  It's time for us to let go and have him accept the responsibility of his own actions.

So today, I won't rant.  There will be no complaining.  Today will just be today.  I'll pray over the ugliness going on beyond my safe little haven of Thornton, Colorado - or in reality - beyond my front porch because truly, what do I know is happening in someone else's home, across town, or on the other side of the world in Pune, India

Perhaps today I'll put aside my negativity and instead work on some healing, positive thoughts.  There are too many people who need it, far too many to count.  I've done my fair share of whining this week.  Time to give a little back for a change.  Anybody with me?