Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life is like a fire pit...

This morning on Facebook I referenced another fire pit evening in my backyard.  For those of you who aren't familiar with what this is, it's basically a pit with fire.  That seemed rather self-explanatory.  Ok, I'll be nice and provide a little more detail.  What this usually consists of is friends and/or family members - basically whomever you invite or sometimes, in our case, lovingly invite themselves - sit around a fire, tell stories, eat, listen to music, dance, talk, drink, and/or laugh.  These are not specific requirements.  Some or all of these can happen on any given evening.  It truly depends on the mood of the group and the set of circumstances.

Last night's fire pit was not planned.  At 7:00pm, Eric and I were chatting with a friend in our sitting room when another mutual compadre called and requested a fire.  Why not?  It was a beautiful Northern Colorado night.  It's too early in the season for my nemesis, the mosquito, to start feeding upon me.  There was no wind to start a wild fire - at least one that could be pointed back to this residence.  Hanging out in the backyard with my friends and husband - what a lovely suggestion.

It doesn't take long to move a party outside; Eric sets up his music, a few patio chairs are taken to the center of the yard, and the carcinogenic, faux fire logs with a three hour life span are lit in our stainless steel tub.  Evening to commence.  Whatever will be, will be.

Last night's party was fun in that my husband and one of our two guests needed to let off a lot of steam.  This is why I love spontaneous get-togethers; it always seems to be cathartic for someone.  I'm glad.  My only criteria for these backyard assemblies is that there's an abundance of laughter.  I don't care about the mess.  I'm not worried about people drinking too much as long as they're within walking distance to their homes.  If someone's had a crappy week, feel free to get it out by dancing goofy around the fire.  No one is ever judged at my home.  We may laugh our asses off and tease you at future parties but that's a given - it's part of the cover fee.  My theory is quite simple; leave happy.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with my criteria.  When the magic hour of 10:00 pm hits, I become much more sensitive to the noise level and number of f-bombs being dropped during any one topic.  My children are never anywhere near the activity.  The boys are upstairs watching TV, playing electronics, or asleep to be even remotely aware of the hedonistic craziness going on outside; however, the three adjacent yards closest to our house, who aren't normally involved in the neighborhood festivities, are extremely close to the action.  I cringe remembering some of last Autumn's adventures.  No wonder they slam their windows when I try to talk with them.

I suppose I brought this long ramble up for a single reason, one of these adjacent yards also has a fire pit.  These folks moved into their house the same day we moved into ours.  In the six years my family has lived here, I've only seen their fire pit used once and that was for a special occasion.  Eric and I just purchased our second pit because the first one was too small for our needs.  Life is like a fire pit my dear friends and blog readers - it needs to be burned constantly and with passion.  Don't wait for a special occasion to light it because after all, isn't life reason enough for a celebration?