Friday, March 23, 2012

The Potts' House - A Weekend of Adventure Awaits

"But..,"  "Well...,"  "Actually...,"  These are the three words that will drive me quite literally insane. 

Those of you who live within walking distance to my house, no strike that, within the city limits of Thornton, Colorado, I'm certain have often heard a scream so inhuman that you've often wondered if some sort of animal is being skinned or tortured alive.  I apologize profusely for that noise.  That would be me.  That would be your friend and fellow comprade listening to these words being uttered repeatedly throughout the day by her thirteen year old Aspergian son, Austynn. 

As I explained many times before, Aspergers is a form of social autism whereas both my kiddos suffer from difficulty in understanding peer relationships, social cues, and know-it-allness.  Feel free to look it up one day if you're curious to see why Austy is so obsessed with electricity.  I believe I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs how my youngest trimmed the cable and grounding wires to the house one summer day out of boredom.  Ho hum...

Kids without this diagnosis, especially teens, are known to be - and please pardon the term - "smart asses", but now I have a couple of surly, certifiable "smart asses" in my home.  Some days it can make for an unpleasant environment. What makes things tough, especially with Austynn, is that he'll correct me in front of other people.  I'll say something, he'll interrupt me mid-sentence (because he's socially awkward), tell me I'm wrong, repeat exactly what I said, and rephrase it differently.  Or, if he doesn't rephrase it, he'll make up some strange, convoluted, nonsense story which can go on for a good 5 to10 minutes. 

"Mary, did you know that yesterday I went to the grocery store and..."

"Well actually Mom, that's not true.  You went to the grocery store yesterday and..."

Oh my gosh!  Where's the straightjacket?  Someone hold me back from my child!  Oh, not necessary.  I can't see him.  An eyeball just popped out of my head.

For the most part, most of my neighbors know that if they hear screaming coming from my house it's nothing to be alarmed about.  It's usually Austynn standing at the top of the stairs refusing to go to his room and hang up his sweater or he's calling me a "bitch" because he's lost TV privileges.  Sometimes it's William screaming that his younger brother offended him by asking him how his day was at school.  This is the latest and greatest issue which seems to set the house off.

Another Friday at the Potts' home.  Another full weekend of fun house madness.  Two Saturdays ago, Austynn's foot went through his bedroom wall because he was mad at Eric.  Last weekend, William told me to stop talking (while I was complimenting him) because he hated the sound of my voice.  Why thank you dear.  How very Aspergian of you.   Always an adventure with my babies.  What can Eric and I look forward to this weekend?  We can only imagine...