Monday, April 16, 2012

The everyday moments.

When I was younger, I mean younger - like sixteen or seventeen years old - I couldn't wrap my mind around comments from people when they'd say, "I still feel like a teenager".  "How's this possible?" I'd think to myself.  "These 40 somethings get up from sofas moaning about how sore the are.  Their bodies pop walking up staircases.  They go to sleep at 9:00pm.  They have funky hair growing off their chins.  They're gross and ancient.  They must feel like they're on death's doorstep."

Yes, I remember thinking these thoughts waaay back when.  How sad.

At 45 ancient years of age, I often forget that I'm not seventeen any more.  I push myself to get through a list of projects longer than a notebook page itself.  No wonder I'm dozing by the weather forecast.  When I was young and judgmental all I had to worry about was the burgeoning zit on my forehead and whether I was going to pass Algebra.

Today, I wake up in the morning, throw on a pair of jeans, a tie-dye, boots, and head out the door just like I would when I was a kid.  The only difference now is that I'm hurrying another kid out the door and into my car.  Hey, this is my child!  When did he happen?  When did my mother's words start bubbling out of my mouth? "Hurry up and get your shoes on or you'll be late for school." and "Where's your backpack?" 

I see sprinklers on a hot summer's day and I want to run through them.  There's no holding me back.  I'm not worried about my age or falling on my fannie because in all honestly, I forget that perhaps tomorrow I'll be a little worse for wear for having done it.  Afterwards, I'll pop a couple of pain relievers and think, "Oh yeah, my body can't jump about as easily as it used to any more."   We're only as young as we feel and I forget how old I feel until the next day (probably because my brain is decrepit), but dammit in that very moment, in that instant, I'm seventeen again ready to jump off the roof into a swimming pool below (yes, I've done this too).

Regret is an awful word.  It would be a 4-letter word if it didn't have 6-letters in it (did you follow my meaning?).  When I'm old and grey I don't want to be one of those people sitting about saying, "I wish I had done this or that."  Sure, money keeps me from wind surfing is Australia or climbing the Himalayas but I'm afraid of sharks and out of shape for the big hills anyway.  As long as I get outside and do a few goofy things every now and then I'll be content.  I need to cherish the every day moments, even what some would call the mundane, then I'll have absolutely no regrets in life.

I knew a young lady once who was waiting for the "perfect" soulmate.  She told me she was dating a guy who was nice but seemed content with watching the "crabgrass grow".  Oh, how lovely a man he must have been and what a perfect opportunity she missed out on.  Watching the grass grow is a miracle when you're with a nice guy especially when you're running through the sprinklers. 

The every day moments.  Cherish them.  Revel in them.  You'll have no regrets, I promise.