Thursday, April 19, 2012

Regrets? Yes, I've had a few...

Oh, to coin the phrase from ole' Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, my blog title tells it like it is and yes, "I've done it my way."

I certainly could have done a few things differently but then again, it's not what you, my dear friends and blog readers, are expecting - or at least, I suspect anyway.  Here's a list of things I regret in chronological order:

  • I regret the Dorothy Hamill haircut my mother insisted I get in the 4th grade followed up with the tight permanent shortly thereafter.  I looked like a hideous poodle for two years.  There was no saving me from this humiliation.

  •  I would reconsider allowing the anonymous gangster cruising Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles to be my first intentional kiss.  Just because I was fifteen years old and wearing a button which said, "Kiss Me, It's My Birthday!", should not have entitled a stranger to stick his tongue down my throat.  I seriously miscalculated the situation.

  • I regret my clothing choices during my teen years.  To say that I was a "Geek" is a huge understatement.  Yes, I wore plaid skirts and ruffled shirts to go dancing in Hollywood.  While my sister looked like a cool cross between Billy Idol and Madonna, I looked like a dorky Sister Mary Knick Knack.  I don't know why the bouncers let me through the doors half the time.  They must have really felt sorry for me.

  • I should never have called the number, 8. This is a silly game in which the driver of the car (which was a good friend of mine) was required to circle Avenida Revoluci√≥n in Tijuana, Mexico. It's a hectic traffic area which is normally not a problem but only if the passenger in the backseat - which was myself at the time - hadn't smoked two cheap cigars and finished off three pitchers of Margaritas earlier in the day.

  •  I should have spit out my gum before placing myself in a rather intimate situation with my boyfriend.  Details are too embarrassing to recount; however, it was necessary for him to pull out a pair of scissors and a jar of peanut butter after our date. 

  • I wouldn't have worn my favorite leather boots into the ocean the night everyone else went skinny dipping. Dammit, I should have just stripped naked, peed in the sand, and howled at the moon with the rest of my crazy friends.

  • I will never attempt  Tommy's Chili Cheese Fries with Onions after a night of heavy drinking again.

  • I would never have purchased those bumble bee skorts when I worked at the Gazette Telegraph's billing office in Colorado Springs.  The static electricity pulled those darned things up and over my granny panties every time I stood at my desk.  Another unfortunate clothing miscue.

  • A spiral perm.  Really?  What was I thinking?

  •  From now on I will double check my bag for large knives and not blatantly argue with security checkpoint officers denying the fact that I might indeed have a large knife in my bag from a ridiculous office holiday party.

Yes, in my life..I did and unfortunately will  - continue to do it my way.