Friday, April 20, 2012

Big Brother - Go Away!

Social Services.  Two words which place the fear of God into me as I type them.  Ok, let me type them again to see if it makes it any easier...Social Services.  Hell no, I'm still quaking in my old, worn out slippers.  Why is this you ask?  Well let me tell ya.

I'm an adopted mother.  I'm also a mother who's children receive Medicaid.  Oh my God, no!  Say it isn't so!!  It is.  (Uh oh,  I'm getting really nervous now.  The state agency is starting to sit up and read my blog.  Some one is going to tattle on me.) We receive assistance because between our two kiddos - their psychiatric needs and medication would completely bankrupt Eric and myself.  There is also no way in Hell I would be able to find employment which would allow me to come and go for the myriad of school issues and doctor/therapeutic appointments our two boys need.  Eric and I are always wondering how to pay off our next credit card bill.  My hope is that one day my writing or body will pay for itself.  This hasn't happened yet.  So until some rich sicko makes an offer for my boobs or I figure out how to get advertising back on my blog site, we're shit out of luck.

If you're a parent of a non-adopted child or don't take Medicaid payments you will never feel the shudder down your spine from the two ugly words mentioned above.  Now, don't get me wrong.  They're a much needed organization but unfortunately I've found they go after the wrong families. How many times have we heard horror stories of lost or dead children because of their ineptness of following up on reports of screaming children from next door neighbors?  Quite a few.  Yet, I post a blog which includes my son's name and I'm warned that I could possibly get into trouble for breach of privacy?  What?  Really?  I'm his parent.  I'm posting a blog.  Go investigate a missing child why don'tcha?!

Do I sound annoyed?  You bet!  Not more than a year ago, I posted a video blog whereas a concerned viewer contacted - uh oh, Social Services, for what?  I'm still trying to wrap my head around this safety?  I guess someone was concerned that I was in fear of my life from my own children. Either that or they didn't like the fact that I was loopy on Tequila.  So I had two complete strangers traumatize my boys by pulling them out of class for interviews and afterwards show up unannounced at my front door to scour my house and interview Eric and myself.  How awful.  I don't believe this would have happened if we weren't adoptive parents.  They would have merely contacted us and asked some questions first.  We're definitely on their radar.

I'm tired of this treatment.  When does the bullying stop?  When can we just be parents and not have to worry about what we choose to do and what not to do?  TV shows like Kate Plus 8 have her children on the air without worrying about exposing their names and faces.  Why should I be concerned about my son's name on a blog?  Good grief.  When will this nonsense end?  When can I stop looking over my shoulder and not worry about whether or not Social Services will show up on my doorstep and say, "This has been a breach of privacy Mrs. Potts."

Big brother, go away.  Go hunt down the real bad guys.  There's plenty of them of out there.  We're just an adoptive family of four trying to survive.  We have lots of problems without you making things more complicated.  I blog about our craziness to keep me from losing my mind and hopefully to help a few other folks who may have a few things in common with us.  If I happen to make people laugh along the way, terrific.  Social Services, if you want to search my house for funny bones, go for it.  You'll find lots of them.  Otherwise, leave us the Hell alone already.