Thursday, April 12, 2012

What did I just say at Starbucks?

Every night before falling asleep, Eric and I curl up and share the great triumphs, tragedies, and tear-inducing humor of the day.  Sometimes hours melt away between our giggles and quiet discussions before we realize how late it's become.  This morning, I'm rather groggier than usual.  In addition to our laughter last night, Tank - our brave and fearless dog - crouched quivering between our heads due to a large thunderstorm.  Oh, life with small critters in our bed...our lovely, wonderful bed which seems to be getting smaller by the hour.

Madeline Kahn
Last night's topic was about me.  I laugh as I type this because I realize that many of our conversations rotate around what ridiculous situations I commonly find myself in and trust me, I've been in some doozies.

I would never presume to be like the great comediennes, Madeline Kahn, Lucille Ball, or Rosanne Barr; however, if you've never met me, my personality is a bit of these three characters rolled into one.  I'm a hard duck to describe.  Truly, to know me is to love me - or not.

Rosanne Barr

I can be obnoxious.  This is a hard admission to make but I'll own it.  I'm also dramatic.  Again, I'm conceding this trait too.  I talk with my hands, make facial contortions, roll my eyes, and shamelessly insert a wee bit of exaggeration every now and again.  Add this to my relaxed Southern Californian, "Hey Dude, chill out!", 4-letter vernacular and I have a neighbor who lovingly introduces me as, "her liberal friend from California".
The reason for this litany is that it's occurred to me I've become quite the character at my local coffee house.  You see, I meet there on a weekly basis to catch up with a friend.  Additionally, every so often, I'll hang out there with other individuals or groups.  Yesterday I was at Starbucks twice; early in the morning and after dinner.  Now, my dear friends and blog readers, before you start judging me - I do have a life outside of drinking copious amounts of caffeine.  Amazingly, I manage to vacuum my house every once in awhile, ok - well, maybe once a month.
Lucille Ball

During last night's chat with my husband, I explained to him that for the first time in my many, many, far too many visits to the coffee house, I've noticed that I tend to clear entire sections away from where I'm sitting.  It's also apparent how quiet and lovely Starbucks is when I enter; baristas are brewing little cups of happiness, patrons are diligently working away at their laptops, reading material, or enjoying their own quiet, subtle chats with friends.  Oddly, everything transforms once I kick off my shoes and get settled.  Suddenly, mothers start shooing their children towards the end of the room, monitor screens slam abruptly shut, chairs rudely scrape across the floor interrupting my perfectly jovial, naughty conversations. 

I shared last night's coffee house topics with my husband and wanted his opinion on why he believed the abrupt atmospheric changes occurred.  Well, at least he thought they were funny anyway.