Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eric Potts truly married a lunatic!

I have a quirky, yet oftentimes bizarre sense of humor.  I believe it's this very thing which keeps my marriage sizzling hot.  Ouch!! 

Of course, Eric knew this when he married me. If he didn't know this goofy side of my personality we'd probably be divorced by now.  Either he has to adore my zaniness or absolutely hate it.  I'll give you, my dear friends and blog readers, an example of something I've done in the past which has caused uproarious laughter between the two of us; however, I am attaching a warning to this story.  I've already mentioned I'm silly but can also be...well, a little gross.  I also like umm, well...hmmm...a wee bit of bathroom humor (pardon the pun) from time to time sooo if this sort of business offends you, stop reading my blog now.  If not - continue at your own risk (but it's not really that bad).

When Eric and I were first married, before the kids were adopted, my dear one would sometimes comment on the way home that he desperately needed to use the toilet.  To be a brat, even when I didn't have to go, I'd run into the house giggling hysterically, charge to the closest bathroom, and lock the door.  I'd hear him park the car, screaming in anguish, cursing and laughing, run upstairs, and just barely take care of his business.

As the years progressed or we'd be at home, I would chase him and try to beat him to the bathroom door.  It became a race as to who would get to the restroom first.  As he slammed the door in my face, I'd wait a few seconds and then startle him half to death in "mid-stream" causing him to jump and spray the walls, floor, or toilet.  My laughter could be heard resonating down the street and of course that would make him laugh too.  There were also times he would be doing the other business and he'd yell at me to give him some privacy; however, I'd simply ignore him and talk about the weather or rise and fall of the stock market.

Eventually my man caught on.  He took all of the door keys and would lock the commode behind him.  Sometimes, just to hear his wonderful giggle, I'd torment him, never say a word and instead merely jiggle the door handle making scratching sounds like I was a cat wanting to come inside.

At some point during our marriage - and for whatever reason -  we purchased a mouth cleaning kit with a small mirror dentists use in order to look into the back of mouths.  I once placed it under his bathroom door in order to hear his laughter.  Of course I couldn't see anything but I heard what I wanted.  I love Eric's laugh. 

After this last incident, my husband teasingly promised that I would never "watch him use the toilet again".  "Hmm...was this so??"  I thought to myself.  So, unbeknown to the love of my life, I took the following pictures and taped them to the bathroom walls:

I showed him, didn't I!