Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have no idea what to title this blog...COFFEE!

Halloween 2011
Who gets to draw that lucky lottery ticket in life?  It's a huge crap shoot, isn't it?  I mean, seriously what made me so fortunate?  (Uh oh...Bri is in deep contemplation mode, look out.  Pour a cup of Oolong Tea and get settled). 

I read an article about animals which mate for life the other day.  My brain is addled and I can't remember what they are.  This makes me laugh out loud.  I suppose I should get another cup of coffee - or grit my teeth and join you in that cup of tea - and attempt some research but I'm too lazy to do either.  I remember one of these critters are pigeonsWho knew?!  Wolves, maybe?  Hmmm?  Penguins, I'm certain of it.  Eric and Bri Potts, definitely.  We weren't in the article but I'm sure we could have been classified as a pair of unique mammals mated for life.

I know with as much certainty - as I'm sure I'll be breaking into the bag of Fritos in less than an hour - that I'll be happily married to Eric until one of us bites the dust.  There's no question about it.  Now, God bless my ex-husband, but when we were married there were moments when I dreamt about divorce; I longed for a reason to see us go our separate ways.  You see, when I was young I jumped the gun and bought into the fairy tale that everyone had a soul mate in life.  Well now that I'm older and wiser, I don't think this is entirely true.

Jeff and I had nothing in common when we stood in front of a Catholic priest and exchanged vows.  In fact, shame on me for even allowing it to happen.  Poor guy.  Not only was he "jonesing" for a cigarette but half the church were tried and true Wiccans.  I'm surprised God didn't strike the steeple with lightning that beautiful December morning.  I planned the whole ridiculous circus though I must say it was a very pretty event in its own hypocrisy.  Jeff and I are friends today in every sense of the word.  Odd friends, but friends none the less. I love his family and will always consider them a very special part of my life.

Soul mates are rare.  I don't believe everyone is intended to find the "perfect fit".  This sounds sad, I get it.  I used to tell people, "Just hang on, he or she is out there waiting for you."  I'm not so sure anymore.  Perhaps not everyone is meant to live "happily ever after" with a nice house in the suburbs.  Maybe some folks are meant to have several great loves in their lives.  So what if they don't have a ridiculously big wedding (and trust me ladies, it's a huge hassle and expense for a divorce four years later).  I think both options sound lovely and I believe too many people die lonely because they're waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to pass their way or panic and make the wrong choice.

Men and women need to take a deep breath and relax.  The question I hear all the time is, "Bri, how did you know Eric was the one?"  Funny, I didn't.  I knew him for years; fourteen to be exact before God whacked me on the side of the head and said, "WAKE UP DUMB ASS!"  Then, I just knew.  I felt in the core of my being that I didn't want to spend another moment away from him; if I split a nail, had a funny joke to share, or just wanted to be - it needed to be with him.