Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Random Ramble...

This is just another random ramble day (that was even a tongue twister to type!).  I have a bunch of odd thoughts flowing through my head as I sit here in front of my laptop screen.  I really must come up with a specific name for these days, a warning that they're upon you.  Not that it matters so much but at least this way you can relax a little more.  Old high school enemies can settle back and breathe easier understanding that they won't be the focus of my stinging arrows and former boyfriends need not worry about comparisons of length or stamina (not that I would ever share this information publicly).

My mind has wandered to the following...

Will my finches die if they inhale too much wildfire smoke?  Obviously since I don't want to find out the hard way, I've closed my study windows along with the rest of the house because their lungs are so itty bitty. But what about the birds outside?  Will the horrible, toxic air hurt the wildlife in my backyard?  In consideration of this, does my neighborhood blackbird-hating friend care??  (I'm withholding her name in an effort to prevent possible death threats).  To maintain our friendship, I've decided to avoid having this conversation with her.  We've had too many heated debates over her penchant for setting her cats upon them.  "...Blackbirds singing in the dead of night..."  What a lovely song.  Didn't an amazing English band once coin this lyric?  Rhetorical question.

Why does it take so long for the smell of barfy breath to dissipate from my dog?  It always amazes me that Tulip will yak on a Saturday and yet maintain this nasty stink until, for instance, today.  I used to believe it was merely lingering in her beard but no, she just licked my face.  I am completely and utterly wrong.  Disgusting.

I hate gnats.  I also look like an idiot when I can't seem to kill a slow moving one after several repeated attempts directly in front of my face.  Thank God my monitor camera is off...or is it?

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never..." Really?  Who the Hell came up with this stupid quip?  Of course they do!!

Why did I just eat two, not one, but two huge cookies?  Ugghhh...

I hate scheduling appointments because I'm God awful at it.  I know I've dedicated an entire blog about this in the past but I must reiterate how terrible I am at the process.  I have my scheduler wide open in front of me and I almost missed an appointment this morning with William's therapist by scheduling a doctor's appointment over it.  I was actually surprised when the fellow arrived at my house by the allotted time.  Good grief.  Will someone please save me from my own madness?

Where are my dogs and why are they so quiet?

I should not be cold in my living room when it's 89 degrees outside.

That's it for now.  I'm consumed by the walnuts between my teeth from the cookies.  I must floss before I totally lose my mind.  Until tomorrow...