Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Colorado Family

I have such an eclectic group of friends.  I love the circle of people I've come to surround myself with in this stage of my life.  There's no more pretending, one-up'ing, competing, or trying to impress.  I no longer walk away from evenings with my feelings hurt wondering why someone said what they said or worrying if someone misinterpreted a random comment I made.  I'm completely free to express myself without the behind the back whispers of "game playing" or manipulation.  It's liberating and it's lovely.

Not all my friends could sit in the same room and have comfortable, flowing conversations; they're as different as the flowers in my garden.  This too is interesting.  As I'm writing, I'm grinning thinking about the different personalities I have in my life.  The how and where I've come to meet my friends are also extremely varied and unique.

For instance, my neighborhood family.  These were the first people my husband and I reached out to when we settled in Colorado.  Because we bought a home in a brand new community, the few houses behind and around us were in the same situation.  We were all new to the neighborhood.  With no fences up yet, living on an undeveloped hilltop, and having experienced three consecutive weekly blizzards, it was necessary to get to know one another quickly.  Eric and I invited the small group over for a holiday get-together and we hit it off immediately.  Our "family" was established.  Many of us have keys to eachothers' homes, our dogs play together, or we'll hang out on warm summer evenings, sit around a fire pit, and laugh until our sides hurt. 

I've met other friends through my children's special needs' groups.  We have the common denominator of "crazy" in our households.  We've been able to come together during some of our most challenging times and find humor and support in situations which would drive most families apart.  These friends are the rocks in my otherwise unstable existence.  When my boys push me to the brink of tears, I know who to call for sympathy, understanding, and if necessary - a couple of hours of mind numbing lingerie shopping.

I've also met Brenda, whom I'm sure will be my cheeky side-kick and best friend, Ethel Mertz, well into my senior years.  We're as different as night and day.  Jewish and CatholicFloridian and Californian.  Brunette and Blonde (well, sort of).  Science Fiction and Romance.  Punk and Blues.  What gives?  Nothing except for an amazing amount of love and laughter.

And finally, those miscellaneous, fun, and interesting people I've met along the way.  My hairdresser with whom I still want to go drinking with when we have a free night.  My son's best friend's mother - my "Bingo Buddy" and say-it-like-it-is pal.  Everyone needs someone like this in their life.  And finally, my friend who just moved out of state.  I could say anything and everything to him without blushing.  He is missed beyond words.

So, I'd like to take this opportunity for thanking this great state of Colorado for not only giving me a beautiful place to live but also introducing me to some of my favorite people of all Colorado family.  I've never felt more at home than when I'm here with you.