Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Wednesday..time for a little bit of whining.

It seems that rant day arrives before I know it.  Wait is this my first rant?  No.  It's actually quite comforting to have Wednesdays roll around as quickly as they do.  In fact, last night at 4:00am MST, I was ready to hop out of bed and start typing.  Let's begin:

First off, sleepless nights - hate them - AND I've been having far too many of them lately.  My lower legs have been aching so much that I find myself inadvertently rubbing the muscle of each calf with the other foot constantly.  They feel as if they have charlie horses.  Yikes!  What's this all about?  I know, I know..go see my doctor and quit my whining already.  Well, I don't wanna!  So I guess I'll continue waking myself up with this annoyance, dousing myself with Tylenol PM, and waking up grouchy and irritable.  Bleh! 

My sixteen year old's stereo.  Parents in this virtual reality, we must come to terms with what we've done; we've created monsters.  We've given them the means to play their annoying music by purchasing these monstrosities.  The speakers are ridiculously huge.  The bass rumbles through the walls creating vibrations which, might I add, literally knocked the water bottle off my nightstand last evening (another reason I did not sleep well yesterday).  We are responsible for the dark circles under our eyes.  So, what did Eric and I do to combat this evil?  We went out and purchased our youngest son a matching sized stereo for his birthday to compete with his brother's bass level.  Yes.  Yes, we did.

Tammy Faye Baker
Speaking of dark circles under my eyes, I'd like to question the validity of my make-up remover.  When I apply the lovely, moist wipes to my face and eyes, I'd like to believe that they're doing their job; removing all of my make-up I am not a slacker.  I take my time.  I enjoy seeing the wipes covered with as much dirt, grime, and make-up as possible.  I find it interesting - almost pleasing in a sick and twisted way; however, when I walk past the mirror in the morning and to my horror see raccoon eyes, I become incensed.  Where did that additional make-up come from?  Wasn't it removed the night before?  Did some make-up troll come by during my sleep and pull a Tammy Faye Baker on my face?  This is not to be borne!  Ugggh!

Well, that's all I have time to rant about today.  I am in dire need of some toast and peanut butter.  Until tomorrow...