Monday, July 16, 2012

Never trust a little noise in Austy's room.

I am not one of those mothers who take kindly to miscellaneous sounds in my autistic fourteen year old's bedroom.  I understand that there are many mothers who would allow the sound of clankering to bounce off their ears at 6:47am MST.  They would simply ignore it and think that this is nothing more than their child's curiosity with some anonymous toy or object.  I'm trying my best to be one of these parents.  I'm trying to pretend that it's not a piece of metal being drilled into the window pane or perhaps a contraband battery Austy managed to dislodge from a household appliance which is now sparking an electrical fire.  I'm trying.  My teeth are grinding.  Breathe, Breezy..breathe.  I've already asked what the sound was and of course his response was, "nothing".  In a few minutes, if it doesn't stop, I'll casually walk by and check it out.
Bri and Austynn 2005

I have - on many occasions - smelled smoke coming from his room.  His bedroom door has long since been removed because of this.  All toys with batteries and electrical cords have been confiscated.  His father and I request that all gifts be "fireproof".  No tools, batteries, cords, or engines of any type.  Dad and I will get him these gifts and then they are strictly monitored by Eric in the garage.  Because of his interest in how things work, I'm the first to admit he has never kept an electrical toy/gift in tact for longer than a day.

I'll never forget my shock after seeing the $100+ robot Eric and I bought him being promptly dismantled by the next afternoon.  Never again.  We learned our lesson.  Austy is not a kiddo for expensive electrical gifts.  The next year, I thought - ok - even better, I'd buy him a box of electronics from the Salvation Army and he could take them apart in the garage.  Maybe he'd build something out of them.  My hope was that it would take him all summer.  Three days, a pile of scrap, and four new tires later, he was finished.  Epic failure.

I have hot glue in one of my kitchen outlets.  When I asked him why he did this he said he was "curious".  When he cut the cable lines and grounding wires to the house he said it was because they were "sticking out".  He switched the hot and cold faucets in his bathroom sink because they could be "unscrewed".  He opened his toilet bowl and and unhooked the flushing system because it was interesting.

One day, in the back yard, in order to destroy an ant colony, he ran the hose under our cement porch for over an hour.  This was not a good idea.  Eric's cussing, after the discovery, was classic.

So you see, my dear friends and blog readers, I can no longer sit still.  It's time for me to check out the noise and check it out fast.