Thursday, July 19, 2012

...speaking about being naughty

Why my awful past is coming back to haunt me now is a moot point.  Perhaps this is some sort of public confessional; a way of avoiding a face-to-face apology to my mother who is alive and doing well in California.  Besides, she has a way of slathering guilt on me so thick it would set me back at least several years in my faith. 

My religion plays a huge role in this.  We Roman Catholics are immersed in it.  It's delivered to us at our Baptism.  Once the Holy Water is poured over our infant heads, I'm certain the priests mutter under their breaths, "...going forth you will be cursed with the brow of guilt from your Catholic ancestors for the rest of your lives..."  Uggghhh.  Now you non-Catholics understand why we're shamed into the Confessional every so often.  It pulls us in like candy from a stranger.  I'm tellin' ya my dear friends and blog readers; it's much easier to confess to a priest than it is to your own mother.

So what is it that I've done that's so horrifying I'm confessing to the virtual reality of the Internet world?  Well heck, a lot of things, but they'll come out slowly.  I don't want to overwhelm the lovely lady - one thing at a time for goodness sakes.

The two front bedrooms of my parent's home, including my own, faced the front of the house.  Both had large windows facing the street.  My parent's bedroom was behind mine towards the back of the house.  If I wanted to sneak out or better yet, if someone wanted to sneak in, they had ample opportunity to do so.  Oh, do I dare continue with this blog?  I'm getting squirmy in my Catholic guilt. 

In my late teens to early twenties, I was dating and seriously involved with a US Marine.  Every so often my boyfriend took advantage of my large street facing window.  Oh such a naughty, naughty daughter!  I can't believe I had the nerve to actually attempt this dangerous maneuver; however, Tinsley and I did so on many numerous occasions.

One early Sunday morning, my boyfriend needed to use the restroom.  My dad was playing golf, my mom was on the phone in the kitchen, and my younger brother was watching cartoons in the family room.  As he stepped out of my room, Tinsley jumped and almost gave our secret away.  It just so happened that at the exact moment he opened my bedroom door, Kathy's boyfriend was leaving the restroom.  Oops!  It seemed that my mother raised not just one naughty daughter but apparently two.