Monday, August 13, 2012

I've committed a mortal sin.

I'm out of coffee.  This is tantamount to a mortal sin in my book; a crime so deadly, so offensive, I've inflicted Monster Mama on the entire Potts' household of men.  AND, to make things worse (as if this is possible), Banshee is visiting too.  Dear friends and blog readers, you can't possibly understand the depth of this transgression.  I don't run out of ANYTHING.  I have backups for backups.  I have a shelf in my pantry specifically for overstocked food staples, shelves in my basement for spare 12 packs of toilet paper, and a cabinet underneath my bathroom sink set aside for extra toothbrushes, soaps, and miscellaneous toiletries.  How could I possibly run out of COFFEE?!

The only thing saving this household from utter damnation is that I have a small bottle of instant espresso granules which I use for recipes from time to time.  Eric suggested that I make instant hot chocolate this morning (which we don't have), which in turn turned my caffeine neglected, addled brain towards my pantry.  Ahh..sweet nectar of the gods!

My dears..this will not be a long blog this morning.  I must shower and drive to the grocery store.  This morning will never, ever be repeated again.