Saturday, September 22, 2012

Breezy is squeezin' out some time.

It's Saturday and alas, I have not written a blog in a couple of days...I am remiss!  Considering this is supposed to be a "daily" post, I should get my act together but since I've never truly been a rule follower - especially when it comes to my own set of guidelines - this isn't surprising.  I enjoy stretching my fingers and typing the first silly thought which comes to mind; however, some days I'm not blessed with the luxury of an hour and a half worth of mindless rambling. 

For instance today, the moment I lifted my black, silken eye patch off the corner of my make-up smeared eyelid, I noticed that my Lhasa Apso's bootie - or butt end -was on my cherished pillow directly in front of me.  This was not the first thing I wanted to see at 8:00am on the first full day of Autumn.  The second and more disturbing visual which I focused on for more than I care to admit, was a hairball the size of a large mouse resting in the spot where my husband should have been.  What happened to Eric and when did this hairball replace him?  Was this truly a hairball because in my entire life I have never, ever seen one so disgusting and inconceivably huge.  I was both thoroughly repulsed and mesmerized.  Did one of my sweet, beautiful dogs actually create this monstrocity?  It must have weighed half their body mass for Pete's sake! 

See how I am?  I went on another detailed rant.  I apologize for the imagery.  Suffice it to say that no, thank God my husband was not gobbled up a mutant-flesh-eating-hairball and sadly, "yes" to all of the other horrifying questions.

My dear friends and blog readers, there are far too many days when distractions pull me away from my laptop longer than I wish.  An hour and a half of rambling should not be such a huge block of time for this lunatic housewife to carve out.  Unfortunately, sometimes it seems my days are over before they've had a chance to begin. 

I've been holding on to a goofy blog idea in my mind since Wednesday so perhaps if my darling allows me the luxury of my candy bar in a bowl and my dogs don't leave another interesting wake up gift for me to contemplate, I'll have something else just as odd to write about tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy the Autumn Equinox everyone.