Monday, September 17, 2012

How do you spell that?

I'm one of those awful word loving mothers.  I own it.  I'm a writer - well, of sorts anyway - so when one of my Aspergian "professor-like" boys throws out an impressive word, I verbally applaud them and then yes, ask that they spell it. (Oh my, I believe I just heard suppressed moans throughout the virtual world.)  I must admit, I'm not the best speller myself, so I often find myself consulting Mr. Webster for verification purposes.  In my opinion, how one speaks and carries oneself signifies their level of education, intelligence, and background.

There have been countless times when, in having a conversation with my kiddos, I'll hear a blatant misuse of the English language and I'll correct them.  I don't mind slang as long as it's used informally or in jest but when it's part of an intelligent discussion, it's absolutely unacceptable.  When my husband and I sit down to watch the evening news, we'll grimace listening to periodic street interviews.  Are these people for real?  Do they have any idea what they sound or look like?  Face piercings, tattoos, gold teeth, unwashed hair, clothes exposing their overweight bellies, and comments such as, "...he don't got none..."?  Good Grief!  Don't these people want to improve themselves?

My best friend and I have had countless conversations on this topic.  We know several acquaintances who, despite their lack of financial resources, could improve their situations if they truly wanted to.  The question is, will they?  There are libraries, community services, state aide; so much available to them to expand their knowledge.  They have unlimited access to the Internet.  There's a plethora of world events, culture, and political information waiting for them at their fingertips.  Instead, they teach their children, by example, the mindless art of collecting disability while exercising their backsides playing Wii and Nintendo games.

I've never been one who believes in first-class carriages; however, I do believe in first-class personalities.  A human being can have all the money in the world and still be an ignorant, boring individual without any taste or social impact.  The same could be said in reverse.  I knew a man living in poverty, without a formal education, who spoke no English, whom I invited into my home, and was honored to share meals with and call, "Padre" ("Father" in Spanish).

I hate to sum up a person too quickly; however, when the only topic of conversation manages to be about our children or the latest reality television show - I must admit, sometimes there's not much content to summarize.