Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life is a dance.

I have a file of favorite songs on my computer which I often turn to for different reasons. Some nights, after a particularly difficult day with the kids or life in general, I'll curl into my husband's arms, listen to them as he strokes my hair, and eventually fall asleep.  Other times, like this morning for instance, they'll play as a backdrop while I'm typing my blog.  They inspire me, draw up memories from past romances, calm my spirit, and remind me that life is a combination of magical dance steps.

When I was small, the steps were simple and quick. As a teenager, the movements became chaotic and unpredictable.  As a young adult, I was confused.  I lost my sense of rhythm.  And, sadly - there was a time I became frustrated and stopped listening altogether.  Now that I've reached this middle point, this spot where I can take a pause and catch my breath, I've noticed that the melodies are slower, softer, and sweeter.  My body seems to sway naturally to the music; I'm not trying so hard at it.  The dance steps are smoother.  I may stumble every so often, but I sense with time - I'll learn to waltz beautifully.