Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tomorrow - I promise - I won't forget...

I have a few regrets this morning... 

Spice Finch
One, when I cleaned my finches nest yesterday I discovered that, Cricket, my female Spice Finch had two tiny eggs which I was totally unaware of.  As I've mentioned several times, I'm a nature lover.  The idea that I, Bri Potts, am responsible for destroying them devastated me.  Since she's a Spice Finch and my male bird is a Zebra Finch, I'm uncertain if the eggs were fertilized; however, to make myself feel better, I haven't researched this information yet - nor, most likely - will I.  Needless to say, all day yesterday I stared sadly at my female bird and apologized profusely.  I'm certain this is why she's torn the cotton out of her clean wicker basket; she's searching for her eggs.  I feel miserable.

Another regret, one which I can rectify but am procrastinating over, is combing my dogs.  Lhasa Apsos and Shih Tzus are long haired animals.  If I let them go too long between grooming, which I have, they can become a matted mess.  Tank, my Lhasa, is fairly easy going.  He'll sit still and endure quite a bit from me.  I'm rather OCD (Obsessive Compulsive) when it comes to eye boogers because both my dogs are white and his boogers are notorious monsters.  Tulip, my Shih Tzu on the other hand, runs when she sees me approaching with the comb.  Currently, her face is so matted that she can barely see.  My Tulip isn't called a bitch just because she's a female dog.  Try brushing out her face - OH MY GOD!  The way she snarls and snaps, one would think she's the Queen of Sheba.

My final regret - and this is a big one - I didn't kiss my husband before he left for work this morning.  This is going to haunt me all day.  I went over all the prerequisites...did I tell him to be safe?  Yep.  Did I tell him how sexy he looked?  Yes.  He looked great.  Black pants.  Blue knit shirt which matched his eyes.  Did I tell him that I loved him?  I did.  I even told him how strong his shoulders looked, but I didn't kiss him good-bye.

Eric, life gets too chaotic but tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow, I promise you - my love - that I'll never forget to kiss you good-bye before you walk out the front door and away from me ever again.