Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Couple of Snorkeling Geeks

I haven't been writing much lately; not every day, not every other day, or hardly every week for that matter either.  I'm normally a bit sarcastic, a wee bit on the negative side; however, my life - as of late - has been a bit of a bummer.  In my opinion, there's no sense in bringin' you, my dear friends and blog readers, down into an ugly chasm with me.  I haven't been in a "deep dark" my term for the gloomy side of my bi-polar moods.  No, on the contrary.  I've been ok; taking my medications - staying consistent and on track with my emotions (thank God for this).  My family life has been Topsy Turvy; out of control so to speak so there it is - the truth of the matter.  I'm falling out of an airplane, pee'ng on myself, and have no parachute to speak of.  If you're a consistent reader of my posts, then you're fully aware of how I'm feeling right now.

I don't feel like going into explicit detail as to what's happening in my life.  Needless to say, if you know my family, than you know the details.  If you don't, please focus some positive Karma my way.  Thanks.  This Colorado Potts' Family can use all the support we can get.

In lieu of this, I will shift the negative forces of my life and write something funny for a change.  I need a good giggle.  I certainly have plenty of memories to draw upon...


A Couple of Snorkeling Geeks

I've mentioned before that during my teenage years, my family spent several summers in a condominium timeshare in Maui, Hawaii.  The Condo was located directly on the beach just north of Lahaina.  We considered these our "endless summers".  My mother, older brother, sisters, and I would fly out and stay there until my dad's two weeks vacation was available and then he would come out and join us. 

Our days would start with breakfast on the veranda.  Later, we'd play cards by the pool, take naps in the afternoon, snorkel in the reef, swim again at the pool, and fall asleep listening to the waves just outside our bedroom windows.  Our skin and hair were golden, we smelled like the island flowers we were surrounded by, and walked through the back roads barefoot.

There's a funny part to this story, there always is.  My older sister, Kathleen, and I, weren't the most proficient snorkelers when we first arrived.  No one taught us how to wear the masks or how to walk into the water with the fins and gear.  In fact, the secret is, you don't - you don't wear fins into the water.  No one told us this the first time around.  How would we know this? 

My mother, Maryellen, has always been a video camera aficionado.  8mm film was the big deal back then.  Mom took video of EVERYTHING!  So, here was my mother, on the bluff video taping Kathleen and I during our first snorkeling experience.  Seriously?  Was it necessary to capture our humiliation?  Of course it was!  Kathy and I assumed that we needed to wear our fins prior to walking into to water.  Wrong.  With masks, snorkels, and fins - looking as idiotic as possible - every time a wave hit, we were taken down and rolled several feet along the shoreline coughing and sputtering until we managed to get up and attempt the process again.  Did we consider taking off our fins and putting them on in the water?  No.  We simply repeated the same process over and over again until our bathing suits started rolling off our asses and we nearly drowned.  My oldest sister, Ellenmary, later applied lovely cartoon music to the video adding to our embarrassment.

Strangely enough, that video has been lost.  Hmmm...wonder what happened to it?