Sunday, October 7, 2012

If Heaven has a kitchen...

It's that wonderful time of the year again when the icy chill in the air inspires me to wake up early and make magic in the kitchen.  The smells of cinnamon, apples, pumpkin, and nutmeg are continually wafting about on early Sunday mornings.  Homemade breads, cookies, and cakes are perpetually being prepared.  In the evenings, while the sounds of football whistles are blowing in the background, pork roasts are stewing in cider on the stove top.  Everything is quiet.  Everything is surreal and lovely.

Food is the essence of comfort in my life.  It always has been.  This morning, in the quiet, silence of the dawn, I woke up early and made apple muffins from scratch.  The fire was going, the dogs were nestled in front of it, and I was alone with my thoughts.  I was focused on one project; making what I call, "magic". 

It's not too often that I can concentrate on something simple.  Usually I have a hundred thoughts running through my mind.  "I have to find Austynn's immunization records for school tomorrow.  Can I take him even though he's started a cold?  I want to put up Halloween decorations before Halloween this year.  I miss Brenda.  I wish I had some money.  Dammit, I forgot to schedule that friggin' appointment again..."  And so on and so forth.  For one short hour this morning, my mind was focused: "three apples, peel, cut, dice.  Now I need the flour, sugar and walnuts."  I was in my own private, silent Heaven.

Everyone has their favorite time of the year.  I've just described why Autumn is mine.  If Heaven has a kitchen filled with apples and cinnamon then I must visit it every year from September through December.