Sunday, November 11, 2012

Because I Got High

On Tuesday, Colorado was one of only two states in the union to pass the "Pot" law, in other words giving my neighbors and I full permission to pull out our hidden pipes and come out of the "stoner closets" so to speak.  My state has had medicinal marijuana laws on the books for a couple of years now; however, it's been fairly silly to enforce because all my "sick" friends share with their "not so sick" friends (cough, cough..hmm, excuse me).

Now, before I go any further, I will clarify to you, my dear friends and blog readers, that I'm not a stoner in the sense of the 1980's fictional movie character Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  No, I'm not "Hazy Girl".  Even if I had access to it, I wouldn't smoke it all the time.  To me, it's an occasional party indulgence.  Pot smoking is like alcohol drinking.  I see nothing wrong with it, I never have.  In fact, I much prefer smoking pot over alcohol.  I don't get sick with it and there are no nasty hangovers to contend with in the morning. 

So, I guess my secret is out, I have partaken from take to time.

If any of you have known me personally, you might find this somewhat shocking.  Breezy?  Denver Druggie in Disguise?  Noooo!  In my younger days, I was a huge nerd, geek, square peg, whatever term one would apply to a person such as myself.  The very idea of my touching an illegal substance was completely out of character.  It wasn't until I met and married my first husband that the thought crossed my mind.  Ironically, now Jeff is repulsed by drug users of any sort - alcohol included.

When Jeff and I lived in Colorado Springs, one of our upstairs apartments was inhabited by a couple whose life revolved around Top Ramen Noodles, Green Bay Packers Football, and bongs of weed longer than my forearm.  The gal was my only friend and confidant during this short period of my marriage and time in Southern Colorado.  She knew my heartbreak and overheard (how could anyone not) the horrible screaming battles between Jeff and myself.  Whereas he had a group of close friends to play Dungeons and Dragons and confide in, I had Carla to share my grief with. 

Friends come and go; some stay throughout our lifetimes, participating in every major family event whereas others arrive when we we need them the most then move on never to see them again.  This was how it was with Carla.  The last time I saw her was the day I drove the U-Haul away from our apartment building.  My mom was waiting for me in the passenger side of the cabin and I was staring back at my husband in disbelief.  Carla, knowing what was going through my mind, walked up to me, put her hands on my shoulders, and said, "Fuck him, Bri.  You're doing the right thing.  Hell, you're doing more than the right thing.  If I were you, I wouldn't have left the fucker anything.  I would have taken the light bulbs and emptied the ice cube trays." 

I burst into laughter.  I loved her for this last bit of humor because we both knew that was the last laugh I'd share with someone for a long time.  We hugged long and tight.  I've never seen of heard from her again.

So, back to Marijuana.  Cheech and ChongAnimal HouseReefer Madness.  Let's not freak out about pot smoking everybody.  I believe we need to teach our kids the same thing about pot as we do about alcohol.  First, it's addictive.  Second, it's illegal if you're under 21.  Third, don't smoke it and drive.  Fourth, it's not good for you (um, hello..just like some forms of binge drinking).  So, will this keep minors from smoking it?  No.  Of course not.  Has it yet?  No.  Have these same theories kept kids from drinking?  No.  Will it cut down on the time and effort spent on the little drug dudes and allow the police force to work on the bigger issues out there.  I think so. 

Will I have half the state of Colorado - heck, half the nation - disagreeing with this blog?  Probably.  These posts are just my opinion, nothing more.  Everyone can relax.  This liberal chickie, formally from California, will never run for politics.  I'm just one annoying voice in millions.  Let's agree to disagree shall we?  Or better yet, when the law becomes official, why don't you come by and join me for a smoke?