Monday, November 12, 2012

There should never be a "formal" way to show our gratitude.

Maple Tree
There's a "Be Thankful" game (for lack of a better term) on Facebook making it's way across the pages right now.  People are posting - on a daily basis - what they're grateful for up until Thanksgiving Day.  This is all very sweet and humbling in a Norman Rockwell "Americana" sort of way.  With everything I do, I tend to poke fun and not take it too seriously.  I suppose I should but it's virtually impossible for me not to have a little sarcasm come to the surface.  I'm thankful for many things, believe it or not, even those that I appear completely irreverent about.

For instance today, I made reference that I was grateful for the romantic break-up of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.  I'm not necessarily a celebrity stalker; however, from what I've seen of this young man, he's an annoying, spoiled brat.  This young lady seems lovely.  Why would she want to be seen with him?  Leave his sorry ass and as of this morning - good for her, she has.

On one post, I was grateful for my Maple Tree in the backyard.  I believe I rendered that in a somewhat sincere and beautiful prose: 

On this 10th day of November I'm grateful for the Maple Tree I had the foresight to plant outside my bedroom window. The leaves are gone now but it's lovely to watch the four seasons come and go with it. In the evening hours, when I can't sleep, the wind whistling through it is like a lullaby.

What most of my Facebook friends don't realize was that I held back most of my true feelings.  It was painful.  I suffered on a grand scale that morning.  My dear friends and blog readers, you should all know by now that I'm a smart ass and last week wasn't a particularly stellar one for me.  Instead of being a Negative Nellie, I was trying to stay positive.  If I had my druthers, this is what I would have written instead:

On this 10th day of November I'm grateful for the Maple Tree I had the foresight to plant outside my bedroom window; however, had I known that Eric would refuse to rake up the leaves, I would never have chosen the damn thing. 
So you see, it's all in my perspective and how I choose to bring my friends into my morose sense of humor.  I feel sometimes it's too early in the morning for such large doses of Breezisms'.  I have too much compassion for the people I love therefore I attempt a bit of restraint.  Strong coffee and massive quantities of fried foods - in particular - greasy apple fritters could always help my attitude as well.

To return to being thankful for things, my way is often silent, almost prayerful.  Grandiose has never been my style.  A simple letter, a gentle hug, a wink, a warm touch, a secret kiss, a passing blog when the moment strikes me - these are my ways of saying, "thank you".  To be honest, these quiet gestures should be done more often than during the holidays or when times get rough. 

Last week, my husband and I taught our first graders how to pray.  To be honest with you, this is our favorite class.  There should never be a "formal" way to show our gratitude.  A smile, a groan of pleasure when we taste something delicious, taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of a rose, and yes, the simple act of saying, "Thank You."  Whether you're religious or not, gratitude in its simplest form is an amazing gift unto itself.

I'm grateful for all that I have - but today, today I'm thankful for these words I was inspired to write.