Monday, December 24, 2012

Give a little light..spread a little magic.

Tonight, my family, what's left of it (our eldest son is still in a Children's Home in downtown Denver for probationary purposes), will bundle up and with some neighborhood friends, place luminaries down our street and around the next block.  It seems like a quaint thing to do.  We've already heard some concerns about fire dangers and possible gusty winds which may pick up tonight ahead of a possible snow storm.  I think it will  be fine.  This is an old tradition.  The candles are in glass votives and will be weighted down in bags by sand and rocks.  If, for whatever reason, they get blown over - the candles will be blown out as well.

Eric and I have been blessed by such a loving and generous neighborhood that we wanted to give back a portion of the joy they've given us.  When we're done lighting the candles, the neighborhood will look as though a little piece of magic was sprinkled down over Homestead Hills in Thornton, Colorado.  You see, my friends and blog readers, this magic has always been alive and well here but the difference now will be that passersby will see it.

I have the keys to Kathy's house to occasionally take out Max, her beloved Schnauzer .  Suzanne, my ultra-right-wing-conservative-Republican-friend-from-Austin (grinning) gave me her house keys to ensure her toaster is unplugged from time to time and tell furniture guys NOT to unplug her stereo system.  I know the Troy's garage access code in case I need extra refrigerator space to place party food in.  I've taken Ms. Jean to the ER in Boulder and she - in turn - has helped Eric teach our 1st graders while my ankle was on the mend.  Jay and Jean Troy are the boys' surrogate grandparents and have attended every birthday party and special celebration.  I've held another neighbor in my arms while she screamed and called me a bitch for forcing her to go to detox.  Only love does this.  I've talked about life, and death, and eveything in between with others.  I've driven friends in 6 foot snow drifts to the airport and walked another friend who had too much wine back to her front door across the street from my own.

My dear friends and blog readers ask, there are actually neighborhoods like this?  Yes - mine in particular - the one I live in and call home.  Eric and I will not be without relatives this holiday season.  We are blessed to be surrounded by family on all sides.