Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where are you from?

When I left high school, I had a couple of options to further my education.  I could advance to a university with scholarship support.  My other choice was to attend either a local Community College or Trade School.  The latter seemed more viable to me since I only maintained average grades.  Of course, I never could - and still haven't - learned to do anything "small".  In other words, I attended both a Community College and a Trade School simultaneously.  While trying to work on the campus newspaper and learn to edit voice overs at the Los Angeles School of Broadcasting, I was also balancing an internship at the CNN Entertainment Division in Hollywood, working two waitressing jobs, and dating a Marine at Camp Pendleton in North San Diego County

Yes, my dear friends and blog readers, I quickly became overwhelmed.  I wasn't successful at any of my endeavors.  I ended up dropping out of everything.  I broke up with my boyfriend and ended up shuffling behind office desks for most of my adult life.  I never earned a college degree.

So what is this blog about?  Odd how it started out as something fun but now I'm rather depressed.  Time to turn it around again.  What I wanted to write about is the way we speak which clearly dictates to others where we're from.  I know, I know - how did I get from there to here?  Believe it or not it has something to do with my broadcasting classes.

My initial goal was to become a broadcast journalist therefore I'd thrown myself head first into vocal training.  I wanted to be "voice ready".  You see, be it radio or television, I knew to have a clear, distinct voice with little or no accent was imperative to my dream.  Excellent grammar was also the key.  If I couldn't speak intelligently, people wouldn't take me seriously.  I worked tirelessly with my vocal coach to clear my Southern Californian coastal drawl.  It was work but I managed to receive high grades. 

As I mentioned earlier, I eventually dropped everything.  I was one credit shy of completing my courses despite having received my FCC license.  I had a complete meltdown. In my heart I knew I was afraid of the ultimate let down; failure to succeed in a business rife with failure.

I still take great pride in my pronunciation and grammar.  I also admit to having nervous breakdowns every time I post a blog into this great big virtual world of university English majors.  Are there any hanging participles?  What exactly is a hanging participle, dammit?!

Several months ago I was sitting with a group of close friends and we were discussing this same topic.  I became a little cocky.  Thinking I maintained what I'd learned from broadcasting school, I dared anyone to place me vocally from Southern California.  A dear friend didn't hesitate,  "Well dude, if you'd really like to know how cool you are dude, well like, I'll tell you dude."

SHOOT!  The dude was right.  I have to work harder on my grammar...dudes.