Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How do you handle the banana peel?

I was talking with a good friend last night about life and the funny, quirky things I've been known to do, say, or even in general - just out of the blue - bizarre things that happen to me.  Ironically, I'm only 46 years old and regardless of what I tell my husband on a daily basis (that I'll be dead by next week), I'm sure I have a lot of additional strange experiences ahead of me.  I don't know whether to be worried or not; however, when I share these stories I find myself and the listener oddly entertained.  Life.  So curious.  Why aren't people laughing more or at least smirking?  I can't be the only one watching men in three-piece business suits running across five lane freeways and disappearing into the bushes.  There were other people staring in horror during rush hour with me.  Come on, anonymous lady going north on the 405 Freeway near Costa Mesa, California about ten years ago! We made eye contact.  We laughed out loud after we forced our mouths shut.  Oh well...

I have amazing friends; some of you may be reading this blog, some of you will never lift a finger of interest. Either way, I'm not offended.  To my readers in virtual reality whom I've never met, I consider you friends as well.  I have an odd way of becoming friends with people.  Some say it's not very safe.  I say, throw it up to the universe and see how it lands.  Yes I'm quirky, but then again, this funky throwing out a friend fishing pole business is how I've met some wonderful people. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Not counting my husband (because how can I quantify the best thing that's ever happened to me?), I have about three women in my life whom I can count on for everything.  What a gift.  This is the goofy part - they're all so completely different that they don't particularly like one another (Now girls...! ). I can say with utmost certainty, there will never be a get-together between the four of us (I'm giggling as I type this). I don't know what brought me to this paragraph but I guess I needed to say how lucky I am to have such three amazing human beings watching my back. Ladies, I adore you.  Thank you for loving me.

The fishing pole trick is unique because what happens is I'll go to the store for a loaf of bread and two hours later I'll come back with some one's email address or Facebook name.  For example, I'll find myself chatting - to no one in particular (I do this to entertain myself) - then, someone as crazy as myself will hear me muttering, respond, and start talking to me about her Uncle Harold's funeral in Iowa.  Eventually, we're laughing hysterically in front of the pumpernickel about how her Great Auntie Ethel slipped under the casket and pulled down the wreath of roses over her head.  Who knew funerals could be so funny especially in the bread aisle at the grocery store?  AND, what did this have to do with my personal chatter?  Absolutely nothing but it's a funny way to find a great friend.

I suppose in order to have a silly, interesting life one has to be open to the possibility of it.  I'm always looking for the next bend in the road, the next goofy thing to make me laugh, or the opportunity to make an ass out of myself.   Heck, I don't like being embarrassed but it seems like I'm always setting myself up for it.  When it happens - and it happens a lot - I'm prepared to turn it around, make a joke and laugh my ass off because seriously, we're all in this life together.  We all do stupid things.  We all need a good laugh.  It's how we handle the banana peels which gets us through the tough times.  Are we going to stay down and moan?  Are we going to get up quickly, look embarrassed and sue the offender who dropped the peel to begin with? Personally, I think we should hop up and down, screech like a monkey, and look for leftover remnants of the banana. Of course, I would do the latter but because I'm a geek, my ankle would probably be broken so I would just be eating and screeching like the monkey that I am.