Thursday, April 17, 2014

Am I dramatic?

I made a recent Facebook comment about how I don't consider myself as being dramatic and my page literally exploded with various contradictory opinions. This fascinated me.

I fell down and went boom!
My husband tells me on a daily basis that I'm a pain in the ass, or to be more specific, a "Hemorrhoid".  My dear friends and blog readers, don't be offended on my account.  I actually find this term of endearment one of the best I've ever heard. When he first mistakenly said what he was thinking, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself.  I find it a great honor to be considered such a painful bodily distraction.  What many of you don't understand are the equally disturbing names I respond with and for which he bursts into similar shrieks of laughter.

When I ask Eric if he believes I'm dramatic, he simply rolls his eyes.  This response does not satisfy me.  I immediately start thinking of recent arguments with others who've responded, "Keep me out of your drama, Bri", and then immediately "unfriend" me on Facebook (I'm still trying to figure out what this drama might be, by the way).  Curiously enough, most everyone in my acquaintance nod their heads as if they know what my personal drama might be even before I do. This disturbs me deeply.

My boys tell me that my voice is annoying.  I'm certain this is only said when they've started a fire and I'm grounding them for a life time.  Yes, it's true, I do use my hands when I'm trying to get a point across but dammit, it's an important point!

I've been known to stomp my feet when I'm angry.  Seriously, what's wrong with this?  It's better than throwing things which I must concede I've finally broken that nasty habit.  I lost a beautiful lead crystal vase once during an argument with my ex-husband.  I regret that terribly.

Yes, I kiss strangers in bars, hug grocery store clerks, and weep when a dog gets hit in the street.  Dramatic?  Pain in the ass?  Overbearing?  Annoying?  How about, seriously unique?

Like me, hate me or love me.  I don't care what you think of me.  Unfriend
me if you want to but if you do, you're missing out on quite a character.