Friday, April 11, 2014

If this were my world...

If this were my world, I'd make the following changes:

First of all, every time someone saw a homeless person on the side of the road, they'd stop and say, "Hey, what do you need?"  Better yet, there would be no homeless people.  Why are there anyway?  This just annoys me to begin with.  Gosh darn it, I'm sounding like Pollyanna and I swore when I started this blog, I wouldn't sound like a Socialist do gooder.  Oh well, too late.

There would be no war so therefore there's no need for semi-automatic weapons.  They're not necessary for hunting, this I know for certain.  The poor beastie wouldn't be fit for food.

In my world, a Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian could sit down for tea (or in my case coffee), discuss their religions passionately and afterwards get up and graciously thank one another for an interesting afternoon.

United States politics could be discussed logically without name calling or personal attacks being made upon the politician or his or her family.  It seems to me that the running mates love this country enough to sacrifice their privacy, personal safety, and the welfare of those closest to them.  We are the UNITED States of America and every time an ugly remark is discharged, we as a group of people, lose standing in the world's eyes.

I have always believed in courtesy.  My world has never lost it.  I know it still exists.  I see it when a young man offers his seat to an elderly gentleman on a bus, a door is held for a pregnant woman, or a stray kitten is rescued from the road.  Parents, continue to teach your children respect because lately I'm seeing less and less of it.  "Please", "Thank you", a simple look in the eye with a smile, or a touch on the shoulder can mean so much.  Have your little ones salute our military men and woman.  Pay it forward by covering the cost of some one's coffee behind you or leave the waitress a larger than usual tip.  Let's not lose what makes us human, "humanity".

And finally in my world my two dogs - Tank and Tulip - would have been trained not to wipe their fannies throughout the house.  The only thing keeping me from losing my mind is my brown carpet.